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23rd September 17
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KS2 Biathlon...

On Monday, 10th October  two children in Eagles Class competed in a biathlon at Accrington Academy.  Over 140 pupils from 18 High and primary schools across East Lancashire took part in the event over the course of the afternoon.  Competing in appropriate age categories they each had to complete an indoor 50 metre swim followed by a short break then an outdoor run of 800 metres.   They both swam very well to win their respective heats  - 'H' achieving a time above the 1,000 points threshold and  'A' also finished second in the 800m run in her category.

Finishing first in the swim and second in the run 'A' was the overall winner in her category of Under 10 girls.  'H', as a September birthday, had to compete in the category of Under 12 Boys and therefore was up against mostly Yr 7 High School boys but finished a very creditable 10th overall, beaten only by High School boys and one other primary school boy.

Well done H and A!