Gisburn Primary School

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22nd February 20
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Safe Cycling...

Once again, our Yr. 5 children had the pleasure of Mr Dugdale’s company, as he delivered a bike handling course to them.

In small groups, the children worked on the yard to develop their cycling skills and knowledge. Children participated in a wide range of activities that aim to increase balance, awareness and co-ordination whilst riding. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience -  It was an incredible opportunity that the children were privileged to have. Thank you to Mr Dugdale for providing this event: one we hope to continue in the future!

Yr. 6 I-Cycle Bikeability Programme…

Well done to all our Yr. 6 children who did extremely well on the 'on road' Bikeability training course, which was delivered by ‘I-Cycle’. The aim of the course was to make children more aware of the responsibilities associated with owning a cycle and to develop the necessary skills required to deal with certain traffic situations.
All training took place on quiet local roads after a pre-training session in the playground.