Gisburn Primary School

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20th May 18
Trail : home / Parent/Carer Information : Uniform Guidance

NB. Jumpers/Cardigans/Pump Bags & Book Bags can be purchased in our online shop Thank you.


The school uniform consists of:-


  • Grey skirt/trousers/pinafore
  • White 'polo' shirt                       
  • Navy sweatshirt available from school with school logo
  • No jewellery and sensible hair fasteners/plain bobble/band
  • Wrist watches may be worn                                                                                                                                      


  • Grey trousers. 
  • White 'polo' shirt                    
  • Navy sweatshirt available from school with school logo                        
  • No jewellery                       
  • Wrist watches may be worn                       

Sensible shoes for all children - not trainers or boots; grey or white socks/grey or navy tights.

For safety reasons, jewellery is not to be worn in school (this includes ear studs) - wrist watches are allowed. NB. A small ear stud may be worn for the first 6 weeks/or until healed after having ears pierced, as long as they are covered completely by a plaster.

Please help by teaching your child to dress and undress; to tie and untie shoelaces, and by putting your child's name in all articles of clothing.



For safety reasons children must wear the appropriate clothing for P.E.  That is, navy shorts, white T-shirt or vest, black pumps (the pull-on-type).  Wrist watches are to be removed.

Trainers: are not suitable on the large apparatus, but must be used for outside games.  A named shoe/pump bag in which to keep things is essential.

Jogging Pants: all children should keep a pair of old jogging pants in school, for outdoor games in the winter months.

All junior children play some football. Football boots may be worn, but are not essential as trainers are acceptable. On football days a plastic bag is helpful for carrying muddy boots!

Junior children who are not confident in water have weekly swimming lessons, starting form the beginning of the summer term  each year, at the Clitheroe swimming pool.  Unless there is some medical reason for them not to do so, and a doctor's certificate, they are expected to take part in these lessons.  They need swimming trunks or a swimsuit and a towel.  The children are transported to and from the swimming pool by a special bus.

Please could you ensure that all the children's belongings are clearly marked with the child's name.