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16th January 19
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The Home School Agreement...

In line with sections 110 and 111 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 the governing bodies of all maintained schools must publish a home-school agreement and associated parental declaration. We ask all registered parents of pupils of compulsory school age and the child to sign the parental declaration to indicate that they understand and accept the responsibilities contained in the agreement.

Our Home School/Gisburn Gorillas Agreement

We are pleased with the very positive relationships we have between home and school and thank you for your support in your child’s learning experience.

We feel our Home-School/Gisburn Gorillas agreement is a positive vehicle in raising standards and contributes to school effectiveness by providing a framework for partnerships between parents, pupils and teachers.

Partnerships promoted by the agreement should result in:-

  • Good home-school communication.
  • Parents and teachers working together.
  • Parents supporting and helping their child’s learning at home more effectively.
  • The identification of issues that need to be addressed through future developments.