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16th January 19
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School Transport

A reminder about the safety arrangements we have in place for our pupils....

If your child travels to and from school by bus, please note the following:-

  • Children must be seated at all times.
  • Children must wear seatbelts for the whole of their journey.
  • No friends are to be taken onto the bus without making arrangements with the bus driver first.
  • Good behaviour is expected at all times.

Before School Arrangements

  • Children attending the Breakfast Club should be signed in by their parent/carer on arrival.
  • A member of staff is on duty on the school playground at 8.40am. Please do not leave children before this time.
  • Children should be with an adult before crossing the road in the morning. They should not be left with the crossing patrol.

End of Day Arrangements

Our established system for the end of the school day is in place to ensure your child is safe as they leave school. Through discussions with LCC, the bus company, parents, staff and children,  the arrangements are as follows:-

  • Parents collecting children should wait in front of Ivy Barn.
  • Pupils line up with their buddies in the school yard in four lines; walkers & children who travel by car, Paythorne bus, Rimington bus and Gisburn Gorillas After School Club (who when all present return to school). Members of staff escort the lines down to the bottom of the school drive.
  • The children board the buses first and the buses are then allowed to depart.Once the buses have departed, the remaining children are then crossed over the road.
  • Please contact us if your child is not to catch the bus. It can cause problems if parents take children from the bus lines.
  • Staff on duty will return to school with any children who have not been collected on time, where they will be cared for at Gisburn Gorillas After School Club, and the charge of a full session will be made.

Traffic On and Around the School Site

The school car park is only accessible to the following:-

  • Staff
  • Deliveries
  • Parents using Breakfast Club prior to 8:30am, or collecting from Gisburn Gorillas After School Club
  • Parents collecting children who are ill.
  • Parents for evening and weekend events held at school.

NB. The gates at the bottom of the school drive will be closed from 8.30am to 9:00am and 3.20pm to 3.35pm to prevent any traffic accessing the school site, when children are arriving and leaving.

Problems occur when cars are arriving at school in the morning and at the end of the day, when the children are crossing the road. Cars parked on the A682, and the entrance to Bentley Road, are also hazardous at this time. If you travel to school in a car please ensure you arrive at school in good time to park up in a safe place off the A682. Safe parking is available on the Car Park, the Festival Hall car park, Auction car park and side roads off the A59. Another way you could support us in alleviating the traffic issues is through car sharing. Our Community Support Officer visits the site on a regular basis to support us in this matter.

If we work together we can ensure our children are safe. Thank you in anticipation for your co-operation with this matter.